Hello Month of June

Good day Everyone,

Hello, Month of June

I was going to post yesterday but I was under so much stress I really didn’t want to do anything but sleep through it all and I did sleep most of it. Thanks to all my friends that prayed for me and supported me during these times, it means a lot to me and I am forever grateful.

One of my cacti doesn’t look to well and it kind of concerns me because I don’t want it to affect the other ones in the same pot. I will have to decide sometimes this coming week to sort it out. Also, Winter is here,  I’ll have to decide how to protect them against the cold.

Delwyn is listening to a video on crocheting granny square in a different way.

There’s not much as for family news except we are all keeping busy.


Practice your devotion by Tim Challies

My question to my readers ~ what devotion(s) do you read and why?


Google Chrome ad blocker by Cnet


How to burn more calories walking by verywell

Speaking of walking, I should do this again.

Favourite Blog posts this past week are.

The Glory of Suffering by Logan Hagoort

Dear Kathy Griffin by beautybeyondbones

Until next time

God Bless – Bill


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