Hello Autumn



Good day Everyone,
It’s now Autumn in New Zealand and it’s starting to be cool in the evenings.

I’ve been in deep thoughts and prayers about a lot of stuff, family, my personal life(such as doctors, health etc) and then there’s the Church body I have been doing a lot of thinking about too, either to stay with current one or seek for a different one. Also thinking of my social life on the internet and the friends I have there.

We had a lovely visit with our friend Shirley and her daughter Janina and their family. I was jealous of their lovely farm, Got to meet their cows Steak and Mushroom, also enjoyed the chickens running about.

Also, the Church that we attend is in the process of an Assistant Pastor. I have heard some wonderful things about him from other sister Church body members.

Well back on Jan 30th, we celebrated my oldest granddaughter Jessica’s 3rd Birthday at Clark’s beach with all the family there which was nice.  We all enjoyed ourselves and I got my summer burn on.

Okay that’s all for now until next time,
God Bless – Bill


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