No wisdom in these teeth.


Good day Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well, for me it’s been a tad rough from being sick with a bug, having wisdom teeth pulled and every day stressful stuff happening to us all but we continue to pray and press on. If I’m not pressing I am possibly sleeping from burnout.

Family News

It’s been quite busy here with grand-kids and as for yesterday Delwyn, her brother Ashley and other family members been busy with Lamb that Ashley brought down to sell.

Lots of Birthdays this month in the family and memorial. I am going to have to write them on my calendar sometimes like Delwyn does cause my memory can get a bit bonkers at times, even though I claim to be bonkers too and Delwyn would agree. Haha.

So yeah got some teeth pulled they call them wisdom teeth but I have no idea why nor do I really care. But the dentist Dr. Aisha Ali was very nice and gentle with me knowing how much I hate needles it wasn’t  bad like needles in my arms which I reject unless I am out of it and way too sick to care.


An excellent post by David Murray.@

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Also, If you get a chance stop and watch Steve Lawson doing Men’s Bible Study @

Tech/Social Corner

Facebook seems to be at it again, check out this post made by SocialMediaToday,@

Okay that’s all for now until next time,

God Bless – Bill


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