Happy New Year 2017

From the Desk with Bill


Greetings Everyone,

 I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, even though I am happy about the New Year, I have been sick for the last few days with a horrible cold bug. Yes, I have been doing all the possible things to get rid of it.

Family News
Well, we celebrated Delwyn’s birthday a few days ago at Orewa Beach(pictured above me feeding seagulls), then we surprised her with a birthday cake.

Also on Christmas day we celebrated with the Coulson’s family here at the family home, it was nice to see the kids open their presents and it was a lovely family get together even though I didn’t last long not being the best of health.

Delwyn got a new Christmas tree (2016) and decorated it nicely with the help of oldest granddaughter Jessica.

Delwyn has been quite busy making bees yes that’s right bees, knitting them with the help of her Mum Glenda.

Bryan went to Australia for some training and seem to enjoy it and is preparing to do more in the following years to come. He is working out pretty hard in the yard doing pull ups etc.

Kylee seems to be enjoying her time off from work during the Christmas/New Year and will be heading back tomorrow I believe.

Allan staying busy doing yard mowing, working on people’s computer and also does the Church cleaning also lately he been helping his Uncle with yard work around their place.

Also, He and Bryan helped their Uncle Ashley doing some moving from one place to another. So they have all been quite busy this past year.

My prayer that we all be healthier this year and that it will be better this year than the past year. But we leave these things in God’s hands.

Hopefully, when I get better I can do some more on the blog, that is one of my want to do things this year.

Okay that’s all for now until next time,

God Bless – Bill


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