Don’t give a Damn.

o From the Desk with Bill

Greetings Everyone,

I guess you can call this a rant but I dont care really what you call it.

Let me say that I don’t give a Damn about Hillary Clinton and any of their Democrap party now speaking of that I don’t give a damn about Donald Trump not because of the party even though the Republican party that I remember as gone down the tube as much as National party as in New Zealand. Yeah so there you have it but even though I don’t give a damn about Trump nor do I agree with some of his policy and nor do I care for those things that come from Hilary mouth and a majority of what she says has been lies. The older I get less and less do I care for most things politician says because it all sounds too liberal to me rather in the States or here in New Zealand.

And while Im on the things I don’t give a damn about throw the United Nations in that list too. There ya have it!

Now there you have my final thoughts on the political side of things and I will not go into debate with anyone on my thoughts and you can talk til ya passed out on either of these parties it will go into one ear and out the other one. (looks for barf bag)

I pray for the leaders and most of all the USA and New Zealand.

o Family News
Everything is going rather reasonable around here except granddaughter Indianna showing us her tough side but we all work with her until she drinks her milk or sleeps, it’s a lot of fun watching her little mind at work. Oldest Granddaughter Jessica is getting brighter and very talkative lately.

o Cornerstone


o Interesting reads

No Bible, No Breakfast by Tim Challies

LGBT is coming for YOUR Children by Mark Anthony Escalera


That’s all I have to say for tonight.

God Bless


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