What matters is the gospel of Jesus Christ

o From the Desk with Bill

Greetings Everyone,

Well my Sunday went out the window yesterday I was flat out exhausted due to health reasons and slept most of the day I guess you can say I had a day of rest and plus my nerves was shocking yesterday it’s better today though.

Had Jessica over today after I was able to have the energy to play with her and we had lots of fun then I brought in some clothes off the line for Delwyn and put some away. Later on done some dishes. I reckon I should be able to sleep better tonight.

o Family News
The kids being stringing their parents up by the threads that they didnt get much sleep last night and plus Kylee had to work today which wasn’t helpful when she had very little sleep. I am sure she will need an early night of rest.

o Cornerstone

All Lives Matter by James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries


o Interesting reads

Covenant Eyes – How Broken Trust Regrows Written by Brad Hambrick


Headheartland – the least rash marriage proposal ever by David Murray


FaithIt – 9 Sins the Church Is Surprisingly OK With as Long as You Love Jesus by Frank Powell


FamilyFounders – Family Worship for Dummies by Tom Ascol


o Cook Corner

The Organized Housewife – salted caramel apple crumble by Katrina



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