Happy 4th of July America!

o From the Desk with Bill

Greetings Everyone,

Well it’s July 4th in America so they are celebrating their Independance day. So to my American Family and Friends I wish you a safe and blessed celebration!!

I leave you Kool & The Gang – Celebration


o Family News
It’s a lovely sunny day here in New Zealand. Mumnlaw & Jessica is still coughing. I think I have improved on coughing but allergies still acting up.

Jessica is back with us this morning, it is amazing to see her everyday and how she is growing and learning.

o Cornerstone (Videos)

Alpha & Omega Ministries by James White

The March of the Totalitarians, BHI Craziness, Judging From Afar Rebuked


o Interesting reads

When were we Chosen? By Brendon Ward


Are you Resting? by Sony Elise


Do Christians Owe Homosexuals an Apology? By Stanford Murrell


How to Highlight a Book like a Bible Nerd by Mark Ward


o Cook corner

The Pioneer woman blog – How to make overnight Oats by guest blogger Joanne




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