Family,Behaviors and Songs of Worship.

o From the Desk with Bill

Greetings Everyone,

Enjoyed using my Bible on my phone in Church today and trying to type notes on it. But I think I will go back to carry my Bible as I have done in the past, I prefer to write notes and read and mark up my Bible just seems better and can remember it better.

This Afternoon had a little play with Jessica and also had a nap.

God Bless. Bill

o Family News
This evening Indianna kept us busy one by one trying to get her to go to sleep.

Talked with my cousin Cindy some on Facebook messenger and she told me that my Aunt Fay was doing okay, I was glad to hear that. Then she reminded me that it was my cousin Lisa’s birthday.

o Cornerstone (Videos)

Tim Conway answers a interesting question on What Songs Should The Church Be Singing?

o Interesting reads

One for the Sisters that read my blog, a nice blog from Highlands Ministries

Highlands Blog: Beware of Bitterness {A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life}by Erika Schanzenbach.

Another good one from Highlands Ministries.

Highlands Blog: Transform Your Bad Attitude into Beatitudes by Jay Barfield.


Just Thinking (and writing) Blog: The Blame Game by Steve Griffin

The Reformed Pastor: What Faith do you have? By Murungi Igweta

o Cook corner

Spiced poached pear with coconut yogurt and roasted almonds


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