Nippy weather and New smartphone

o From the Desk with Bill

Greetings Everyone,

Well it was a bit on the nippy side last night it took me a while to get warm. We went to visit with Mary McKenzie today for a little while and she was telling me about the different missionaries that her and George were involved with, it was all very interesting to hear.

In other news: Past few days I was thinking of getting a tablet and then Allan showed me some phones that were similar to Delwyns and the price was reasonable and the phone looked good enough to carry my books and things I want to read when not on the computer. So I went ahead and got the phone and sure enough God was looking after me as my old phone died the day before I got my new one.

Anyway looking forward to Sunday Services. God Bless Everyone.


o Family News
Some of us are still coughing and or sneezing,

Bryan been having elbow trouble but still manage to get things done that he wanted. Also Indianna is cutting teeth fast, and Jessica is growing like a weed.

o Cornerstone (Videos)

R.C. Sproul & John MacArthur answering questions.

Tim Conway on Truth sets free from sexual lust.

o Interesting reads

My Brother PJ Cockrell shared this post


The Five points of Calvinism and covenant theology by Tom Hicks

The lordship of Christ in the political arena by Peter Baker




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