It’s Monday already.

o From the Desk with Bill
Greetings Everyone, It’s been a very miserable sick weekend and this Monday morning my depression was acting up and back was sore due to weather changing. Things to talk with the doctor about thinking it could be ole Arthur (Arthritis) riding my back again. ha ha.

Enjoyed service with Pastor Michael Boyd @ Grace Baptist Church Second Life. Tried recording him with Bandicam but I found that it’s as useless as a wooden nickel unless you buy their premium membership thing which I am not going to do. I will start posting the videos or sharing a link and sometimes notes if I find a better recorder.

Also had a nice time with my friend Nathaniel online playing Farming simulator 2015. Can you imagine a couple of crazy ole boys trying to do a farm. We attacked the trees that were annoying and so the wood chips were sold for a nice sum.

o Family News
Apparently everyone seems to be coughing and suffering with both this cold that’s going around and also allergies kicking about as well, it’s not fun.

Youngest granddaughter Indianna was trying her best to not sleep tonight but Granny Delwyn finally silent her to sleep. Jessica spent most of the day with us and keeping Granny and Great Granny busy.
Me on the other hand was dealing with my depression and crashed asleep.
Delwyn made her sweet & sour tonight it was good along with taters,cauliflower,English peas and pumpkin. Very delicious.

o Cornerstone

Great fun doing the scripture posts from YouVersion. I know some people doesn’t like it not sure why and didn’t ask either. But Here is a post I did. Thought Id share them here for those of you who doesn’t care for it or Instagram.


o Weekend readings.
Answers in Genesis,
Characteristics of a godly father. Author: Scot Chadwick

Blogging Theologically,
We need to worship even when it’s hard. Author: Aaron Armstrong

Now the last blog but not least belongs to a good friend of mine and I ask that you please go check out his blog and leave a comment and tell him Bill sent you by. Much appreciated.

GodsGrace an ongoing testimony.

Indicative vs Imperative. Author: Brendon Ward

o Health Corner
Psychology today, The least helpful thing to say to someone who’s down. Author: Beverly D. Flaxington


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