Why the name change?

o From the Desk with Bill

Good Evening Everyone, Yup I changed the name of my blog to This world and one more and the reason to this is my grandmother Maggie used to say this a lot when I was little but not knowing what she meant at the time, I would complain and say this world and no more. But now as a Christian I know this surely isn’t true and I look forward to the future world, the world that I speak of is in the presence of the Father and this old world will be made new by Him.

o Family News

Well I have a mixture of a head cold and allergies with sore throat and funny thing this morning my eldest granddaughter was talking funny and seem to have the same bug. We  trying to comfort each other and she would say poor Pawpaw and cuddle me and I would say poor Jessica and give her a cuddle. The rest of the family are mostly coughing and trying to get better health wise.

In other news our family had a great loss in the family and a person loved by many, that person is George McKenzie, grandfather to Allan and Bryan, great grandfather to Jessica and Indianna. I cannot in any way say enough on George but I can say He was indeed a Christian Man who loved his family,church family and anyone that came in contact with Him was always truly blessed. He will truly be missed and I ask that you keep his lovely wife and family in prayer as they carry the torch. Thank you George for your impact and words of wisdom in my life. I look forward to that day we meet again.

o Weather
It’s been raining off and on today and of course it’s Winter season here and it can be quite nippy at times.

o Cornerstone

It’s been a mental roller coaster for the last nine weeks but it has finally come to a halt and we are doing better.

Another person and friend has gone to be with Christ was our sister Audrey Gordon back on the 4th of June. She will also be missed from our Church body.

My thoughts lately are on these things and I may write about them later but What is happening to the Southern Baptist that I grown to love over the years suddenly seems to go off the deep end.

Also I am deeply concerned about music in Churches nowadays, I guess i’m the last of the old people that just appreciates the truth that comes from hymns and psalmistry and the glory towards God and not a lot of the today’s music that focuses on me myself and I and oh did I mention the “feelings” we get.  

That’s all for tonight. Goodnight.



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