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o From the Desk with Bill
Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. Well I apologize first of all that I haven’t written in a while since Christmas so Happy New Year to everyone I hope everyone is conquering their resolution(s) if you made any or if you like me and didn’t make any then all is well with that.
Recently our family celebrated granddaughter’s 1st Birthday, I had a blast for her sake.

o Family News
Jessica has 1st birthday party with family. Delwyn is still seeking for work.

o Weather
Its been humid and hot but we did get a good rain yesterday.

o Cornerstone
For this Cornerstone I recommend go and read an excellent post by the Sola Sisters (Christine Pack) ~ on Bible Study. There is a great number on that list that I enjoy R.C.Sproul,John MacArthur, Phil Johnson and last but not least Alistair Begg.

o Prayer Closet
Please keep me in prayer. I haven’t been to my home Church since December, I did go to Grace Baptist Church SL. Once or twice but I been so depressed lately that its been hard for me to focus much on anything and if I go to Church I don’t want to go and look like a zombie. The Doctor has put me on a different depression medicine but it doesn’t seem to help just yet but some meds takes a while to take effect. Also was put on sleeping meds at night time because I haven’t been sleeping due to my depression.
Being hard of hearing also doesn’t me help either I do miss out on having great conversations with people because I find it annoying to ask them to repeat themselves over and over.

o Cookbook Corner
I normally share American or Texas recipe but this time it’s a New Zealand recipe. Click on the link and try this delicious treat.

o Health Corner
This past week a family member of mine told me they had GERD.. so I decided to share this link from Sparkpeople for her and those interested in reading.

o Tech Corner
If you are a dropbox user you might find this information handy if you don’t know it already.
Well that’s it for now until next time.

God Bless


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