Going home or not?

o From the Desk with Bill

Well It was a Sunday Morning and I was ready to go home but was nervous that they would want to check my heart again and find it slow and make me stay but that didn’t happen.

Had a good breakfast and the nurse gave me my shots (ouchee) and removed the iv from my arm (yippee). The assistant doctor came in and asked how I was feeling and I said feeling reasonable(He gave me the look as most people do when I say that) If I was unreasonable you’d know about it. He said well your heart was slow last night ( I thought oh boy here we go) But it picked up later on which is good. Are you ready to go home still? I said Absolutely!

Doctor: Well we will discharge you and you may go home after Lunch today.

Me: Thank you

So I later called my wife and said I can come home after lunch. She agreed to come get me.

So meanwhile I talked with Stephen.

Hey Stephen I have something I think you might like Have you ever heard of Intouch?

Stephen: Yes

Me: awesome I would like to give you this devotional that you can enjoy reading. Do you know when you will be going home because I will be going home today.

Stephen: Yes I will be discharged today as well and Thank you for booklet.

Me: Awesome well I pray that you have a speedy recovery and most welcome.

Stephen Nurse and Doctor came in to talk with Stephen and I decided to take another devotional called Our Daily Bread and put it in the end room/visitor’s room. Hopefully someone will enjoy it.

Later I had my Lunch which was a Dagwood Sandwich and Delwyn came and got me and I said my goodbyes to my day nurse. So finally made it home and saw family and talked then later I held Jessica for a little bit before I needed to rest. So thats my hospital story for my gallbladder operation and I will say if you are worried about your gallbladder op don’t be its so much better without the pain, I am not in any pain and feeling absolutely great and losing weight.

o Family News

As I said last time Delwyn was redundant from her job well after searching for a job she got a temp job and will start tomorrow. Praise be unto God for answered prayer!!!

Also this last week we as a family went to the Manukau Christmas parade even though I don’t really care about all the Santa pagan rubbish I went because it was my granddaughter’s first parade and I enjoyed it for her sake.

Allan had to repaired his lawnmower after it broke down He got it working and he mowed a few yards.

Bryan being balancing his daughter Jessica and Spring Cleaning at home while Kylee is still working at her job site.

o Weather – Its been crazy rain,windy, sunny,chilly and more rain.

o Cornerstone

Sharing James White from Alpha/Omega Ministries speaks out on Rick Warren’s Capitulation to Rome.


o Prayer Closet

Please continue to pray for me and family much appreciated.

o Cookbook Corner

Instead of sharing a recipe this time I thought I would share a link about mushrooms from the Dolce Diet website.


o Health Corner

Ever tried Ginger? Here are some health boost with ginger.


o Tech Corner

Sorry I haven’t thought of anything to share in this area.


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