Stress and what you can do about it

Hello Readers;
Here lately I have been under some stress, talking with friends online who is also under lots of stress, and then I came across this article    Baptist Press article on Stress in Baptist Press Taking the stress out of stress by Tamara Quintana. There are lots of things out there on how to deal with Stress, but I find the easiest way through it is talk with a friend who will just listen and pray for you, and another way is too just sit and read the Bible,or a devotion and or listen to some Praise and Worship music or even a Sermon.
They do say exercise is good also like in Tamara Quintana article.
Anyway If you are going through stress or coming out of stress please share with me if you like, I will certainly keep you in my prayers.
Until next time – God Bless You.


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