Ok Lets hear it for Limited Atonement

Ok I am studying on Limited Atonement ~ and I am calling all Calvanist and nonCalvanist to give me your views on this… but please don’t debate on this I am just interested in peoples views. Thank you.

Ok I will try and reword this carefully, I am a reformed baptist, studying the L in TULIP, I believe it to be true that there is Limited Atonement, but as a growing christian and talking to  christian brothers and sisters and some of them tell me it ain’t no limits to the Atonement, and I am interested in what others out there says about it and can give me their reasons why they do believe it to be true or as some of my friends say not to be true.. so I am asking help from both sides to clear it up for me if they can..

Thank you


4 thoughts on “Ok Lets hear it for Limited Atonement

  1. I’m not sure from the way you worded your question, but I’m wondering whether you assume that Calvinists hold to limited atonement and non-Calvinists don’t? There is a whole stream within Calvinism that traces its roots right back to the beginning of the reformation that would argue that the question is slomething of a false dichotomy and that whilst what Christ accomplished on the cross is sufficient for all yet it will only become efficient for the elect.


  2. Thanks for the clarification.

    One of the difficulties in this issue is just what is meant by the phrase “limited atonement” as people can mean different things by it. Another seems to be to to what extent we have already bought in to it. I suppose its like most things, the more we’ve bought in to something, the harder it is to dislodge. And the more we have bought in the more we will approach scripture trying to find ways to make it fit what we already believe. Of course, both sides of an issues can do this but the key is try to build the picture up from a blank canvas rather than start with it and then, effectively, try to proof text it. Perhaps Richard Baxter’s comment is appropriate here:
    “When God saith so expressly that Christ died for all, and tasted death for every man, and is the ransom for all, and the propitiation for the sins of the whole world, it beseems every Christian rather to explain in what sense Christ died for all, than flatly to deny it”

    I see you already have a link to Calvin&Calvinism in your blogroll which is a great resource to study this issue in more detail. Maybe it would help if you posted specific scriptures or points that you think carry the argument or alternatively aspects on which you are unclear or undecided?



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