Good day Blogeyes

 Sorry I havent written in a while but a lot has happened lately in the family.

 First thing I want to mention is the awesome arrival of Jessica McKenzie( 1st granddaughter) What a blessing she is and a very attentive and cute. And the parents are just awesome and doing a magnificent job! Okay will stop bragging but Pawpaw and Granny is proud!

 Well as for Hurricane Lusi – she is making a mess along New Zealand but nothing New Zealand wont get through. Speaking of New Zealand, this morning at Covenant Presbyterian we had the Girls Brigade give us a Presentation and together we sang The National Athem of New Zealand, and as we sang ‘guard Pacific’s triple star’ I got sidetrack in thinking triple wait theres four stars, then I recall someone saying the triple stars represent the North Island, South Island and Stewart Island rather thats true or not I do not know but makes sense. Then I got to thinking about the idea of a “New” New Zealand as there has been talk of changing it, I have mix feelings about it really and if we are to change it is it going to represent the whole New Zealand as one and its culture, I have seen different flags drawn up I think the two I like most is here – http://johnansell.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/nz-flag-white-fern-on-black-red-stars.jpg and here http://johnansell.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/nz-flag-red-stars-on-black-southern-cross-layout.jpg

Anyway its all excited and interesting what the future holds for New Zealand and its flag. I’ll be happy whichever way it goes if we have either of these two flags or keep the same flag.

 On SecondLife(3D virtual community) I have been involved with a loving CyberChurch called Grace Baptist Church and they have selected me as Deacon there. You can listen to them livestream at or visit our webpage http://gracechurch-sl.us/.

If you go to the top you can see links to our Youtube page and Prayer wall and if you are ever on Second Life look us up we would love to have you join in with us.


At my local Church ~ Covenant Presbyterian Church, its been great to see old faces in our combined church service of sister Churches, our old Pastor Peter who has gone to plant a new Church with some of the members who has also gone and helped in this process, but it was a blessing to see them last Sunday then this Sunday it was a blessing to see Loraine and Pastor Ross who was one of the founders of our Covenant Presbyterian Church. I had to give him a brotherly hug it was so great to see him. I was hoping he was preaching today but we had a good message from our Pastor Peter Reynolds you can watch this message “a Mary heart in a Martha world” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66IFhlb2bUg along with other sermons. We have been in the book of Ephesians which is a favourite book of mine.

 Well I have been having all kinds of problems with back and side, Im guessing its a mixture from passing out from heat one week and or the corner of my bed leg as come loose and not sure how long its been like that, but since I have found that leg off I repaired it temporaly and my back as improved much but still comes and goes and also had a stomach bug apprently there is one going around in New Zealand. My depression also comes and goes but I keep praying and pressing on.

 The rest of the family here in New Zealand have been busy either in their jobs or being an busy vital family member. I’m truly blessed.

 Well I suppose that wraps it up for now so until next time God Bless

 Bill Cockrell/RoosterNZ


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G’day Blogeyes,

I sit here this morning looking over Facebook at the Thanksgiving stuff that is being posted everyone on different people walls as those who are celebrating it. I can’t be thankful enough of all the things that there are to be thankful for but I am Thankful just waking up even though I might have had a rough night sleeping but God giving me the strength to carry on the next day, even each breath that I take, seeing the beauty of the world that a blind person cannot enjoy the same, hearing the sounds of love ones as they talk with one another or to me or hearing a favourite song, some of you know that I wear two hearing aids but without those hearing aids the sounds would be so dim but even the slightest sound is a sweet sound. Tasting food or tasting coffee the first thing in the morning or smelling it as the sweet aroma feels the house. I could go on and on but sometimes we forget about the little things that others might miss out on. Now in our home we will not be celebrating a big Thanksgiving Dinner but we are all still so very thankful for what we have that God has provided for us over the years.

Last few days my Cousin Roy and Threasa has posted family pictures up on their wall or on my wall of my Aunt Faye(my mother’s sister). Roy tells me she is often talking about me and asking where I am and when He tells her she asks what is doing in New Zealand? Roy pretty much as to keep telling her often as she has Alzheimers. He also has told me out of all the seven kids of her own she asks about me her nephew; not that she doesnt love her kids I know she loves each of them ,I have seen her love among the family and she loves them all. I am reminded a many times I would ride down the road on my bike to her house which was like a half a mile from our house on post oak in Fairfield and She would have the house filled with the aroma of cornbread,peas and my favourite memory is the Fried mackarel fish cake sort of way she made them and I would ride home eatting one and my momma would say where you get that I said Aunt Fayes house and she would send me back to get her one or two if Aunt Faye was okay with it, and if we had the stuff my mom would send me to Aunt Faye to make more, there was a many times when we might not had much to eat but Aunt Faye and Uncle George helped us. I’m in tears just for these memories and think how time has flown by. Aunt Faye looks great in the pictures and then there was my photos coming in and in one of them was Mrs Margie Brown and I was joyful to see her as well as I was told she had passed away but apparently not she is still alivc, talk about another sweetheart she was one of the strong elderly Christian women that was God fearing and loving person and was very faithful to her Church and family even work that she did as I recall once in Peyton Brothers selling shoes etc where I first met her and I was attached the first time by her friendliness,her smile and her saying “Okie Dokie” I suppose thats the first time I heard that phrase and picked it up. She even ran the Senior Citizen Caferteria on the old Fairfield Reunion Grounds, and I was volunteering there helping delivering meals or there to have lunch with my dad and I have to tell this story but she said one time “well its Finally Friday and Last night we had “hail” talking about the weather, I spoke to her as she was headed to the kitchen I said Mrs Brown did you say we had hail last night and she said yes I did and I said I thought we get “hell” everyday, she gave me the look and her mouth frowned and eyebrows raised. She said Billy you go sit down and behave yourself then we both chuckled as she knew I was only teasing her. Also in one of the pictures was an ole teacher of mine but he was there visiting his mothernlaw I had to ask though cause I was like he aint that old to be in a nursing home.. but Mr Pillans looked great.

I have been making new friends all over second life and enjoying listening to preaching,teaching,good fellowship among other Christians. I love making new friends and sharing.

I bought some Chinese takeaway last night for Tea and it was very nice I enjoyed it. My wife and I set and watched some television, we watched Days of our lives and we are at the part where they trying to discover who shot Stefano Dimera ( reminds me of who shot J.R.) lol – Im guessing EJ and she is guessing John or someone else, we both are not sure and I aint so sure He dead anyway He is the Phoenix, he wears the ring to prove it, I always say why dont someone take that ring off him.Anyway enough about that rubbish lol

Well next month Im suppose to see the doctor and Im not looking forward to it as I have put on weight yes thats put on weight not lose it like I had planned on doing.. anyway Im not going to let it get to me.

Well I suppose that wraps it up for now so until next time God Bless


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Wow time passes fast ~ 14.Nov.2013

G’morning Blogeyes,

Well doesnt time fly by when you’re not looking?

Last few days I havent been myself and had a few headaches off and on so I tried not to wear myself out.

I have been enjoying myself at Kaneva and Second Life, They are a social network games like Sims if you ever played Sims but you interact with real people.

On Kaneva a friend of mine created a Castle and some very unique furniture to go in it and gave it to me on a World deed, it was very nice of her. Its huge and I can run around in it and still get lost. lol  I will try and take pictures sometimes and post them.

On Second Life I have been enjoying a great deal of fellowship with Pastor Bryan and his family and also Pastor Michael, and a few others that comes regulary and I have made friends with. I have left the Presbyterian group that I belonged too there over the issue of women pastors asked to pray for one, I dont mind praying for a woman but being a pastor is a different issue with me, most people knows what I mean so I left in a peaceful manner, I did enjoy the fellowship over the last few years but I think Im a bit more conservative.

Well after a few days of not doing the dishes they did pile up on me and I tackled them yesterday and also did a small basket of laundry at the same time.

One night while Allan(oldest stepson) was doing some work me and my wife decided to go out of Tea, and we stopped at this Roast takeaway.. apparently my wife didnt see the sign that said a bed of rice, anyway I got Roast lamb and Pork which was nice and tender but for vegetable it was chop suey and bed of rice well shoot you might as well say there was enough rice in there for three meals. We sit at one of the nice parks and ate our meal and a Momma Pukeko was enjoying my rice and taking some back to her youngins, the rice was clumped together so she was able to get most of it to them without dropping to much on the way, it was a funny sight and she would take several trips. We were disappointed in the vegetable part of the meal, normally you would get more vegetables, but the lamb and pork was nice and tender. anyway we will do better next time.

Then the following night my wife and I were talking about what we could do for that night for Tea and I said well lets go get the roast meal we did want so I got and big ole roasted lamb ribs and roasted pumpkin and taters and I dont remember what my wife got but we enjoyed it and I offered to buy Allan something but He decided he wanted a normal Kiwi at home meal Baked beans on toast lol. when I first came to New Zealand at the Men at our Church were eatting Spaghetti on toast and I was like what Spaghetti for breakfast whats wrong with these folks lol and now I do the same thing sometimes or for tea (last meal of the day)

I talked with my friend Nate who is in a divorce already after one month of marriage which is sad, thats the shortest marriage I have witnessed among friends, it seems a few of my friends are in broken marriages. Its all about Trust,Faithfulness,Commitments and most of all Love well its bound to happen. Some friends I thought would be together up to old age fell apart. Its shocking sometimes.

There has been enough Fire Crackers the last few nights that it definatly getting on my nerves and last night was the worst some stupid moron decided to set some off at two in the morning and I thought it was a gun fire until I saw the sky light up they werent too far from us. They still celebrating Guy Fawkes.. yeah I dont think some even know what they celebrating they just like the noise of firecrackers, I wish they would ban them for good it scares the animals and some young ones, unless they were away and in some rugby field somewhere and allow the public in to watch it in one place I could handle that but stupid people waking me up in the early parts of the morning or when we are trying to watch a program on television.. anyway now the Christmas decorations are out and so are the planning for Christmas holidays.

Last night I cooked Tea. We had Bacon and Cheese saugages,mashed taters, mint peas and salad which contained more than lettuce and tomatoes lol.

Well now that I talked about food I suppose I better go and have some breakfast and nuke my coffee thats going cold and No I wont have Spaghetti or bake beans on toast Im going for the Weet – Bix!

Until next time God Bless


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Last two days

Hello Blogeyes,


Well I apologize that I didnt write anything yesterday(there will be days like this lol) but I said I would today so here it is.


Well Yesterday was rather busy, I ran around like a rooster with his head cut off sorting the house for the Birthday Party for my eldest stepson Allan. It became quite a chore but I finally got it done and finally got off my feet as they tend to swell up if I stay on them to long which I have been on them a lot the last few days but its all good.


Afterwards I spent some time on the computer chatting with friends and have been working on the Church in the game called Kaneva, trying to build a replica of my real life home Church building.

Then in another game called 2nd Life I got me a few chickadee birds to go with my place, they were my favourite birds in Texas and also have my favourite Texas wildflower the Indian paintbrushes. Its looking good. I have been enjoying 2nd life more and more, to me it seems less drama than kaneva and I enjoy devotional time with Christians on there.


It was nice to see my mumnlaw last night along with my stepsons other grandparents George and Mary, its rough to see people getting older, love each of these dearly. We had awesome food and youngest stepson Bryan was a tremendous help with the food preperations and of course my wife’s also putting things together. It was all good food and awesome company, nothing like a family party.


After everyone left from birthday party I talked with some friends on Kaneva which is always nice, sometimes we share with each other about the Bible etc then I worked some on the Church project that Im doing on there, hopefully I will finish it someday soon and get it up and going so friends can come and watch Church services from Youtube that I will share on there that comes from my Home Church.


Well for this morning after Delwyn had woken me up to tell me she was off to work, I dozzed back off for a short while then Fluffy decided I was to be getting up she came into the room and jumped on the bed and meowed her head off so I got up,later I went to the front room(living room,lounge) and discovered it was a tad chilly than what I was dressed for and I discovered that the dishes needed washing but no soap so I put that off til later or I might ask Bryan for some lol. So after breakfast I told fluffy I dont know about her but I wasnt no hurry to move around so I grabbed the blanket in my chair and laid back down on the couch and the next thing I know shes at my feet meowing and I told her to hush and lay down or go do something else lol so she laid down and just stared at me with the cheeky look of hers. The reason she meowed was is because the blanket was in my chair and that she had been laying there and she wanted it back lol but she quickly learned I wasnt returning it just yet. Finally I did get up cause the coffee was calling me.


So now Im here with my coffee wrapped in a blanket thinking of going back and getting some jeans on and perhaps some socks and houseshoes. Its 59F/15C and very wet outside so no laundry today as yet but knowing New Zealand weather it could change in less than an hour. Lol


Suppose now I will go to Second Life for a Wednesday night service(America) at Grace Baptist Church so looking forward to that.


Until next time

God Bless


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Tenth Avenue North – Worn (with lyrics)

* Note I do not own this video* just a great song I enjoy.

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Hello Blogeyes,

Well I dont remember what time it was last night that I went to bed but I know it was well after midnight, I was enjoying my time on a game I play called Second Life and fellowshiping with some new Christian friends i have made on their recently.

I said I would add the video link for our Sunday Night service so here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A2n_rAJloo

Well this morning came rather early but I manage to drag myself out of bed and get on with things around the house. did some laundry and hanging them out on the line and a few dishes. Answered emails and facebook post etc..

Today has been rather nice for a change almost to warm but Im not complaining just yet lol I enjoy the Sun being out, just dont care for it in my eyes as much lol.

Well sorry this blog is short, it wont be long my lovely wife will be home so we can watch our shows together. Days of our lives,Shortland Street and Coronation street and sometimes some crime show.

Will come and read some of you guys blogs {#popc1.gif}

So until next time God Bless


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G’day Blogeyes,


Did a bit of rushing about this morning getting ready for Church I drinking my last bit of coffee and then my wife and I headed out..

The Church service was great, My Pastor spoke a message called “In your Anger do not Sin” from Ephesians 4:25 -32.

You can watch this at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP-XlGLRgZ0

We had an announcement that a family needed a place to stay over a little while instead of the California Airport waiting on the things to clear there and my wife thought of our friend & sister Jana that didnt live far from there. We are so greatful for her and family for allowing this Church member and kids to stay there. God’s work among Christian brothers and sisters indeed.


After Church My wife took me home so I get online and go to an online Church at Second Life, and the brother spoke on “Grumblings” Such as the Israelites did while in the Wilderness. And how We grumbled about different things. My wife went and bought me a Steak and Mushroom Pie and a crème filled apple turnover.


Afterwards I decided to take a nap I felt lightheaded, then later my wife woke me up and asked if I was going to Evening Church Service and I said yeah and I dragged myself out of bed and we arrived at Church and we slipped near the back row as we were a tad late.


Evening Pastor spoke from Luke 1:1-4 called “The History and Story of Jesus Christ”.

I will post this later when it is put up and if you like what you hear you can always follow the YouTube Channel called CovenantVid.

After Church I surprised my wife as I drove us home, I normally dont drive I really dont like driving in New Zealand and hate the roundabouts, never cared for those things.Well we made it home in one piece. lol


Well after receiving a cheque from a lockjob I did couple days ago I decided to shout us some Fish & Chips for Tea(Last meal) and it was funny my wife said as we started to sit down to watch tv together that it was strange to be eating these naughty foods and watching Biggest Loser and I said Nope I dont feel guilty, I might feel guilty if I was having another filled crème apple turnover. Lol


Anyway that pretty much how my day was but I thought I wanted to mention my heart goes out to those people caught up in the shooting at the California airport. And is thankful to the men and women who put their lives on the line to bring Justice.


Thats it for now so God Bless until next time!


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